Nose Work Training

Get your sniff on: Teach your dog nose work for fun and sport!

Any dog can participate in this cutting-edge sport: Breed, size, and temperament do not matter because nose work is a completely positive training system. You can teach your dog nose work just for fun, or take it to the next level by competing professionally. It’s easy to learn, and helps your dog stay in shape both mentally and physically.

Your dog doesn’t need to have obedience training to participate in nose work, although dogs with obedience training can still learn nose work, too. Additionally, teaching nose work won’t affect dogs who have trained for agility or competition obedience (it won’t diminish those skills).

beagle in the autumn lawnNose work training is based 100% on motivation, and corrections aren’t given regardless of training level. Nose work is a reward-based training system and rewards vary from a toy to a tug to a soft training treat. As you work with your dog, you’ll learn which incentive is most effective to get the results you want.

The nose work training techniques we teach are the same used for narcotics and explosives, but in our training your dog will learn to detect birch, aniseed, and cloves, with vetiver and myrrh as optional additions.

In the Nose Work program, you’ll learn:

• How a dog’s nose works
• How to teach your dog to detect/find up to 5 odors
• The most effective methods for motivating your dog to search independently
• How wind & other conditions affect scent
• Introduction to Nose Work
• Introduction to odor
• Continuing Nose Work
• Advanced Nose Work

We’re located just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in beautiful Boulder City, just minutes from the Hoover Dam!

Contact us for more information about our nose work training program, and take the fun you have with your dog to a whole new level!  Group or individual classes available.