Handler for a Day

Drug and bomb sniffing dogs: Ever wonder how they do it?

Have you ever seen a working dog at the airport and wondered what they’re looking for? Or how they find it without getting distracted by the half-eaten burger a traveler just dropped in the trash?

Now you can find out the hows, whys, and more about professional K-9 handlers with our special Handler for a Day 3-hour program.

Taught by former/retired law enforcement K-9 handlers, you’ll learn:

• K-9 health and safety
• Leash control
• How a dog’s nose works
• Explosive odor characteristics
• Search patterns
• Explosive detection searches (buildings, vehicles, and open areas)

Then, you’ll take the leash and get some hands-on training with one of our certified dogs! You’ll experience first-hand how amazing a K-9’s nose is when they guide you to what they’ve been trained to find.

And the end of the course, you’ll receive a K-9 handler certificate!

We’re just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in beautiful Boulder City, just minutes from the Hoover Dam!

Prices start as low as $99! Contact us for available days and times.

VIP and special events available.

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