About Silver State K-9, LLC

Silver State K9Our certified detection canine trainers started Silver State K-9 to train professional handlers, as well as to give the public a chance to experience K-9 training through our special Handler for a Day hands-on experience. We also offer our Nose Work Training program to provide dog owners a chance to train their dog to detect different substances.

Silver State K-9’s trainers have 40 years of law enforcement experience in federal, local and private bomb dog, drug dog, and patrol dog handling, and are a United States veteran-owned business. We have imprinted over 200 detection canines for various federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

We have also imprinted canines for the military and private K-9 companies, and our expertise includes specialized explosives knowledge: We have assisted numerous agencies in the detection and collection of explosives evidence, explosives, explosive devices, post-blast evidence, firearms, ammunition, shell casings, and other crime scene evidence. Our trainers/handlers real-life experiences also include numerous finds of narcotics and explosive devices.

We have conducted explosives sweeps for US presidents, heads of state, judges, foreign and other dignitaries, the Super Bowl, MLB World Series, PGA events, NASCAR, college bowl games, NBA All-Star games, and numerous other large-venue events.

We’re just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in beautiful Boulder City, just minutes from the Hoover Dam!

Please contact us for more information about Handler Training, Nose Work Training, and Handler for a Day programs.